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For ground conditions other than non-aggressive soils, particular attention is needed to the provisions in ENV 206 and the National Foreword and Annex to that document for the country in which the concrete is required. In the UK it should be noted that the use of ISO 9690(15) and ENV 206 may not comply with the current British Standard, BS 8110: Part 1: 1985 Table 6.1(2) where sulphates are present.

Class 2(a) has been adopted for this design.

Minimum concrete strength grade is C30/37.

For cement content and w/c ratio refer to ENV 206 Table 3.

Minimum cover to reinforcement is 30 mm.

For concrete cast against blinding layer, minimum cover > 40 mm

However, it is suggested that nominal cover > 40 mm is a sufficient interpretation of the above clause.

Table 4.1 ENV 206 Table NA.1

Use 75 mm nominal cover bottom and sides and 35 mm top Materials

Type 2 deformed reinforcement with f = 460 N/mm

Concrete strength grade C30/37 with maximum aggregate size 20 mm Loading

Column A: 1896 kN and Column B: 2834 kN

Distance to centroid of loads from LH end

2834 x 5.5

0 0

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