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Figure 4.23 Frame on grid B Design loads

Office floors

Roof imparts load to columns B/1 and B/5

Dead load = 20 kN Imposed load = 30 kN

Assume characteristic wind load = 1.0 kN/m2

This is 90% of the value obtained from CP3: Chapter V: Part 2(11).


The distribution of horizontal load between each frame is determined by their relative stiffness. Frame classification

Determine whether sway frame or non-sway frame. Check slenderness ratio of columns in the frame.

A calculation is required for those columns that resist more than 0.7 of the mean axial load, at any level. Service loads are used throughout (i.e. 7F = 1-0).

It is also assumed that these are vertical loads without any lateral loads applied. V^v

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