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Therefore maximum shear reinforcement is required when V = 353 kN i.e., when x = 1.35 m.

This should be provided over the entire length from x = 0 to x = 2.25 m (0 < x < 2.5d).


If a concentrated load is positioned close to a support, it is possible that using /3 to modify VRrfl may lead to only minimum shear reinforcement being provided throughout the beam. In this case, the designer may wish to base the shear resistance on the unmodified VDM.

This can be illustrated by taking the example above but placing the point load at 0.5d from the support.

The modified shear force diagram is shown in Figure 3.10.

= 800kN

VRd1= 211KN

Note fi = 1 on span side of concentrated load

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