Maximum torsional moment resisted by concrete struts


Maximum torsional moment resisted by reinforcement

7gd Design value of applied torsional moment

^"sdfl Torsional moment applied to flange

TSdtot Total applied torsional moment

TSdw Torsional moment applied to web

VA Shear force at support A

VB Shear force at support B

l/cd Design shear resistance provided by concrete

Vex) Shear force at exterior support l/nt Shear force at interior support

VRdl Design shear resistance of member without shear reinforcement

VRd2 Maximum design shear force to avoid crushing of notional concrete struts

VRd3 Design shear resistance of member with shear reinforcement

VSd Design value of applied shear force

VSdx Design shear force in x direction

VSd Design shear force in y direction

VSd max Maximum design shear force

Vwd Design shear resistance provided by shear reinforcement

Wb Section modulus at bottom fibre

W Section modulus at centroid of tendons cp

Wk Characteristic value of wind load

Wx Section modulus at top fibre a Distance or deflection or maximum drape of tendon profile a1 Deflection based on uncracked section an Deflection based on cracked section a Distance of load from face of support (corbel) or from centre-line of hanger bars (nib)

acs Deflection due to concrete shrinkage ax Distance from face of support to effective centre of bearing a; Horizontal displacement of the envelope line of tensile force atot Total deflection av Distance between positions of zero and maximum bending ax Deflection at distance x along span ava2 Values of a. at ends of span b Width of section or flange width or lateral cover in plane of lap bav Average width of trapezoidal compression zone be Width of effective moment transfer strip

/be)f Effective width of flange

^mm Minimum width of support beam br Width of rib b Width of support

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