The design of deep beams may be based on analyses applying:

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(b) an equivalent truss consisting of concrete struts and arches with ' ' ' ' reinforcement, all preferably following the elastic field;

(c) non-linear analysis.

In EC2(1) details of the analysis model and, therefore, much of the design are not given and it is left for the Engineer to satisfy the principal Code requirements. This can be achieved using CIRIA Guide 2, The design of deep beams in reinforced concrete(18), which also provides recommendations on the detailed analysis and design. The Guide was written for use with the then current British Standard CP 110(19).

Here it has been assumed that a complete design to the CIRIA Guide would be carried out and then checks made to demonstrate compliance with the specific clauses for deep beams in EC2.

To highlight some of the differences between EC2 and design to the CIRIA Guide, the example in Appendix B of the Guide has been used.

A small number of EC2 clauses have been identified as relating specifically to deep beams:

(d) 5.4.5 - reinforcement detailing

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