Figure 4.1 Layout of slab Durability

For a dry environment, exposure class is 1. Minimum concrete strength grade is C25/30.

Table 4.1 ENV 206 Table NA.1

For cement content and w/c ratio, refer to ENV 206 Table 3(6).

Minimum cover to reinforcement = 15 mm

Assume nominal aggregate size = 20 mm

Assume maximum bar size = 12 mm

Nominal cover > 20 mm

NAD Table 6

Use nominal cover = 25 mm

Note: NAD

20 mm nominal cover is sufficient to meet the NAD<1) requirements in all Table 3

Check requirements for fire resistance to BS 8110: Part 2(2>. NAD 6.1(a) Materials

Type 2 deformed reinforcement f „ = 460 N/mm2

C25/30 concrete with 20 mm maximum aggregate size Loading

Assume 200 mm thick slab

Table 2.2

Ultimate load = 7QGk

14.66 kN/m2 Flexural design

Bending moment coefficients for simply-supported two-way spanning slabs, without torsional restraint at the corners or provision to resist uplift at the corners, based on the Grashof-Rankine Formulae, are widely published and are reproduced in BS 8110.

BS 8110 Table 3.14

Sdy a nl 2

0 0

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