Minimum longitudinal steel

CIRIA Guide 2 refers to the British Standard CP 110, and EC2 will be slightly more onerous.

For beams generally

Basing the flexural steel on the active height assumed for the beam design A = 0.0015 x 300 x 5750 = 2588 mm2

Deep beams should normally be provided with a distributed reinforcement near 5.4.5(2) both sides, the effect of each being equivalent to that of an orthogonal mesh with a reinforcement ratio of at least 0.15% in both directions.

This reinforcement should also satisfy the requirement that beams with a total depth of 1.0 m or more, where the main reinforcement is concentrated in only a small proportion of the depth, should be provided with additional skin reinforcement to control cracking on the side faces of the beam. This reinforcement should be evenly distributed between the level of the tension steel and the neutral axis, and should be located within the links.

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