11.2.10 Shear design

CIRIA Guide 2 separates top and bottom loads and deals with the design of these in different ways.

In principle the bottom loads require vertical tension hangers to suspend the loads above the active beam height, h , with horizontal web reinforcement needed in the area of the supports.

The top-load shear calculations include taking into account any additional shear force induced by top loads over the supports.

Under the simple design rules the top-load shear capacity is not improved by web reinforcement.

A nominal, orthogonal pattern of web reinforcement not less than the minimum required for walls in BS 8110 is intended. This is augmented for bottom loads and in the area of the supports.

The detail of the CIRIA Guide calculation is not repeated here and reference should be made to the original document. The reinforcement details are shown in Figures 11.7 and 11.8.

CIRIA Guide 2 CI.2.4.2

CIRIA Guide 2 Figures 93 & 13

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