0.031 x 1000 x 175 x 30 460

Use T16 @ 300 mm crs. (377 mm2/m) top in middle strip

It is noted that EC2 Clause would allow the use of the moment at the face of the support (subject to limits in EC2 Clause, but this is considered more appropriate to beams or solid slabs and the peak moment over the support has been used in the above design.

Span moments

No special provisions are required in EC2. Hence the design basis of BS 8110 is adopted for the division of moments. The same pattern of reinforcement will be provided in all panels.

The column strip moments are given in Table 4.2 where Ms,,s = 0-55 MSd

Table 4.2 Column strip span moments



MSd.cs b m


0 0

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