Pilecap design example using truss analogy

A four-pile group supports a 500 mm square column which carries a factored load of 2800 kN. The piles are 450 mm in diameter and spaced at 1350 mm centres. Pilecap size

Assume a pilecap depth of 800 mm. Allow the pilecap to extend 150 mm beyond the edge of the piles, to give a base 2.1 m square as shown in Figure 7.7.

Pile Cap Design
Figure 7.7 Pilecap layout Durability

For components in non-aggressive soil and/or water, exposure class is 2(a).

Minimum concrete strength grade is C30/37.

For cement content and w/c ratio refer to ENV 206 Table 3.

Minimum cover to reinforcement is 30 mm.

Use 100 mm nominal bottom cover over piles and 50 mm sides

Table 4.1 ENV 206 Table NA.1

NAD Table 6 Materials

Type 2 deformed reinforcement with f = 460 N/mm2 NAD 6.3(a) Concrete strength grade C30/37 with maximum aggregate size 20 mm. Element classification

A beam whose span is less than twice its overall depth is considered a deep beam.

With the effective span, I taken to the centre of the piles:

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