4 legs

4 tegs

4 legs

4 legs

1 36m

136 m

1 36m

6 0m between centres of supports

Figure 3.5 Link arrangement (standard method) - example 1 Note:

In the centre portion of the beam R10 links are required by calculations but R12 O are shown to avoid the possible misplacement on site. Distance from the support (+) could be reduced to 1.70 m in this case. Variable strut inclination method

This method allows the angle of the concrete compression strut to be varied at the designer's discretion within limits stated in the Code.

It can give some economy in shear reinforcement but will require the provision of additional tension reinforcement. In most cases the standard method will suffice.

This reduced shear reinforcement will only be obtained at high levels of design shear and is counter-balanced by increased tension reinforcement. This can be seen by a comparison of EC2 Eqns 4.22 and 4.23 in the standard method and EC2 Eqn 4.27 in the variable strut inclination method.

The standard method gives

0 0

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