Table 5.5

Use 44 R8 links (2220 mm2)

Where necessary the punching shear resistance outside the shear reinforced area should be checked by considering further critical perimeters.

Check where

Hence u


Therefore distance from column face

This would be approximately at the next critical perimeter taken to be at a BS 8110 distance 0.75d beyond the previous one. No further shear reinforcement Figure 3.17 required.

The tensile reinforcement (T16 @ 150 mm crs.) should extend for a full anchorage length beyond the perimeter at 420 mm from the column face.

Column A/1 (300 mm x 300 mm corner column)

Critical perimeter located at 1.5d from face of column (see Figure 4.18).

Figure 4.18 Critical perimeter at corner column u = 600 + 277tt/2 = 1035 mm VL = 0.41 x 156.4 = 64.1 kN

Applied shear per unit length, with 0 = 1.5

Figure 4.21

Sd u 1035

Reinforcement within zone 1.5d from column face is T16 @ 150 mm crs. top each way (see Figure 4.19).

0 0

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