Single-sided joint configuration Double-sided joint configuration

1 Joint

2 Joint 2: left side

3 Joint 1: right side

Figure 5.8: Modelling the joint

(9) As an alternative to 5.3(8), more accurate values of and [>■/ based on the values of the beam moments and Mj,b2,Ed at the intersection of the member centrelines, may be determined from the simplified model shown in Figure 5.6(b) as follows:


Mi,bi,Ed is the moment at the intersection from the right hand beam; Mj,b2,Ed is the moment at the intersection from the left hand beam.

(10) In the case of an unstiffened double-sided beam-to-column joint configuration in which the depths of the two beams are not equal, the actual distribution of shear stresses in the column web panel should be taken into account when determining the design moment resistance.

Table 5.4: Approximate values for the transformation parameter /?

Type ofjoint configuration


Value of p

0 0

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