Chord side wall crushing when At > b0 -2t0

Punching shear when At < b0 -2t0

Longitudinal plate

Chord face failure dttL

1l,Rd = V^fjTT (h / bo + 4^1 — tl/ bo //Y s 1 — tl/ bo

I or H section

Ml rm

As a conservative approximation, if t] > 2-^J 1 — ¡5 ,

M,Rd for an I or H section may be assumed to be equal to the design resistance of two transverse plates of similar dimensions to the flanges of the I or H section, determined as specified above.

If t] < 2-^1 — 5 , a linear interpolation between one and two plates should be made.

Range of validity

In addition to the limits given in Table 7.8:

Parameters beff , bep and km

beff = —--;-bl but beff <bi b0/10 fyltl a 10 a bep =-At bo / to but be p < bi

For n > 0 (compression) : For n <0 (tension):

Fillet welded connections should be designed in accordance with 4.10.

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