For X joints with 6 < 90° use the smaller of this value and the design shear resistance of the chord side walls given for K and N gap joints in Table 7.12.

2' For 0,85 < /? < 1,0 use linear interpolation between the value for chord face failure at ft = 0,85 and the governing value for chord side wall failure at ¡3 = 1,0 (side wall buckling or chord shear).

For circular braces, multiply the above resistances by jt/4, replace b\ and h\ by d\ and replace Z>2 and U2 by d2 .

For tension:

For compression:

where / is the reduction factor for flexural buckling obtained from EN 1993-1-1 using the relevant buckling curve and a normalized slenderness X determined from:

( 1 \ 1 - - 2 L t0 f

0 0

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