(2) Where the maximum longitudinal compressive stress <7com,Ed due to axial force and bending moment in the column exceeds 0,7f,,wc in the web (adjacent to the root radius for a rolled section or the toe of the weld for a welded section), its effect on the design resistance of the column web in compression should be allowed for by multiplying the value of Acwc,Rd given by expression (6.9) by a reduction factor kwc as follows:

when <7Com,Ed > 0,7/y,wc: kwc = 1,7 -OcomMJ / f v wc ...(6.14)

NOTE: Generally the reduction factor kwc is 1,0 and no reduction is necessary. It can therefore be omitted in preliminary calculations when the longitudinal stress is unknown and checked later.

Welded joint Joint with end-plate Joint with angle flange cleats

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