(2) For joints within the range of validity given in Table 7.20, only the design criteria covered in the appropriate table need be considered. The design resistance of a connection should be taken as the minimum value for all applicable criteria.

(3) For joints outside the range of validity given in Table 7.20, all the criteria given in 7.2.2 should be considered. In addition, the secondary moments in the joints caused by their rotational stiffness should be taken into account.

(4) In brace member connections subjected only to axial forces, the design axial force 1i,Ed should not exceed the design axial resistance of the welded joint 1iRd , determined from Table 7.21.

(5) Brace member connections subject to combined bending and axial force should satisfy:

1 ,M Htp JJid where:

Mp,i,Rdis the design in-plane moment resistance; Hipi,Edis the design in-plane internal moment.

Type of joint

Design resistance [ i = 1 or 2, j = overlapped brace ]

T, Y and X joints

Chord web yielding

, . i ยก-^

M,Rd = \ /Y 5 sin fc^

Brace failure

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