-^b,Rd,resm is the bearing strength of an injection bolt fi is a coefficient depending of the thickness ratio of the connected plates as given in Table 3.5 and Figure 3.5

Aresm is the bearing strength of the resin to be determined according to the 2.8 Reference Standards: Group 7.

4, resm is the effective bearing thickness of the resin, given in Table 3.5

Xt is 1,0 for serviceability limit state (long duration) is 1,2 for ultimate limit state

Xs is taken as 1,0 for holes with normal clearances or (1,0 - 0,1 m), for oversized holes m is the difference (in mm) between the normal and oversized hole dimensions. In the case of short slotted holes as specified in 2.8 Reference Standards: Group 7, m = 0.5 x (the difference (in mm) between the hole length and width).

(6) When calculating the bearing resistance of a bolt with a clamping length exceeding 3d, a value of not more than 3d should be taken to determine the effective bearing thickness ib,resin (see Figure 3.6).

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