This guide would not have been possible without the successful completion of EN 1998-1 and EN 1998-5. Those involved in the process were:

• National delegates and national technical contacts to Subcommittee 8 of CEN/TC250.

• The three project teams of CEN/TC250/SC8 that worked for the conversion from the ENVs to ENs, namely PT1 and PT2 for EN 1998-1, under the chairmanship of Carlos Soussa Oliveira and Jack Bouwkamp, respectively, and PT3 for EN 1998-5, under the chairmanship of Ezio Faccioli.

The very important technical contributions of Philippe Bisch within the framework of CEN/TC250/SC8 deserves a special acknowledgement, and the authors wish to express their gratitude and appreciation for Philippe's contribution.

Although not in the list of co-authors, Mauro Dolce of the University of Basilicata and Luigi Di Sarno of the University of Napoli who contributed significantly to Chapters 9 and 3, respectively. Their help is gratefully acknowledged.

Among the co-authors, Ezio Faccioli wishes to express his gratitude to Studio Geotecnico Italiano in Milano, for its support in the preparation of Chapter 10, and in particular to the following individuals who cooperated substantially in the preparation of the examples: A.

Callerio (who also assisted in the final preparation of the figures and the text), M. Redaelli, P. Ascari, and R. Andrighetto. He is likewise indebted to Roberto Paolucci, of Politécnico di Milano, for providing valuable material and figures on topographic amplification and on the seismic response and stability of shallow foundations in Chapter 10.

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