Behaviour factors of composite structural systems

Concrete walls with encased steel profiles or steel plate components organized in different Clauses 7.3.1(1), ways are typical composite wall structural systems. Their values of q are basically the same as 7.3.2(1)

in concrete wall systems, with an increased value for systems in which steel or composite beams frame into the walls, because in these cases there is energy dissipation in both the wall and in the beams.

The most interesting and attractive feature of composite walls is not the higher value of q but their higher shear and bending resistance and the higher stiffness that they can provide for a given wall section. These qualities can help in solving various practical problems, by:

0 providing the aforementioned resistance and stiffness characteristics with smaller cross-sectional dimensions

• providing continuity and regularity in stiffness and strength in elevation, in cases where the wall dimensions have to be small at a certain storey.

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