Degree of composite character

Any steel structure mixed with certain concrete structural components, such as concrete floors or walls, may be defined as a composite steel-concrete structure, since these materials interact to a certain extent. This interaction may be:

• Limited to the resistance to gravity loads or fire. The advantage of this option is that no seismic detailing is required; the structure behaves like a steel structure, and is analysed as such. However, the analysis of the structure should correspond to its real behaviour, and correct estimates of stiffness and strength of all structural elements must be made. In particular, the 'hidden' contribution of concrete to the strength of dissipative zones cannot be a neglected; otherwise, the capacity design of the zones which have to remain elastic will have a wrong basis. For this reason, care must be taken to 'disconnect' concrete in the vicinity of dissipative zones. Statements in clause 7.7.5 refer to such a disconnection for beams of moment-resisting frames. There may be other cases without explicit indication given in the code, as stated in clause 7.1.2(6).

• Such that the structural elements contribute by their composite character to dissipate the earthquake energy in the structure.

Section 7 of Eurocode 8 has been developed for composite structures providing the highest possible composite resistance.80'81

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