Criteria to form a global plastic mechanism

The criteria to form a global plastic mechanism in frames with eccentric bracings are similar Clauses 6.8.3(I), to those with concentric bracings, because they correspond to the same concept: 6.8.2(7)

(1) The beams, columns and connections are capacity designed to the real strength of the seismic links. This is achieved by complying to the following expressions, which are analogous to equation (D6.1):

NRd(MEi, VEd) > 7VEdj q + 1.1 lmf2NEdi £ (D6.15)

(2) A criterion gives to each seismic link a similar probability of attaining yield under seismic loading. This is achieved by enforcing limits on the link overstrength ratios with respect to their minimum required strength, similar to those applying for the diagonals of frames with concentric bracings: the ratios Q{ should remain within a 25% range of variation, so that yielding appears simultaneously at several places over the height of the building, and a global mechanism is formed.

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