Scope of Eurocode

Eurocode 8, Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance, covers, as its title suggests, the EN 1998-1: earthquake-resistant design and construction of buildings and other civil engineering works clauses 1.1.1(1), in seismic regions. Its stated purpose is to protect human life and property in the event of I.I.I(2), earthquakes and to ensure that structures which are important for civil protection remain 1.1.1(4), operational. 1.1.3(1)

Eurocode 8 has six parts, listed in Table 1.1. Among them, only Parts 1 (EN 1998-1, General Rules, Seismic Actions and Rules for Buildings)1 and 5 (EN 1998-1, Foundations, Retaining Structures and Geotechnical Aspects)2 are covered in this Designers' Guide.

The scope of Eurocode 8 does not (fully) cover special edifices, notably nuclear power plants, offshore structures and large dams.

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