Design and detailing of secondary seismic elements

(1)P Clause 5.7 applies to elements designated as secondary seismic elements, which are subjected to significant deformations in the seismic design situation (e.g. slab ribs are not subject to the requirements of 5.7). Such elements shall be designed and detailed to maintain their capacity to support the gravity loads present in the seismic design situation, when subjected to the maximum deformations under the seismic design situation.

(2)P Maximum deformations due to the seismic design situation shall be calculated in accordance with 4.3.4 and shall account for P-A effects in accordance with and (3). They shall be calculated from an analysis of the structure in the seismic design situation, in which the contribution of secondary seismic elements to lateral stiffness is neglected and primary seismic elements are modelled with their cracked flexural and shear stiffness.

(3) Secondary seismic elements are deemed to satisfy the requirements of (1)P of this subclause if bending moments and shear forces calculated for them on the basis of: a) the deformations of (2)P of this subclause; and b) their cracked flexural and shear stiffness, do not exceed their design flexural and shear resistance MRd and VRd, respectively, as these are determined on the basis of EN 1992-1-1:2004.

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