Safety verification

(1)P The verification of the building's safety against collapse shall be explicitly provided, except for buildings satisfying the rules for "simple masonry buildings" given in 9.7.2.

(2)P For the verification of safety against collapse, the design resistance of each structural element shall be evaluated in accordance with EN 1996-1-1:2004.

(3) In ultimate limit state verifications for the seismic design situation, partial factors ym for masonry properties and ys for reinforcing steel should be used.

NOTE The values ascribed to the material partial factors ym and ys for use in a country in the seismic design situation may be found in its National Annex of this document. The recommended value for ym is 2/3 of the value specified in the National Annex to EN 1996-11:2004, but not less than 1,5. The recommended value for ys is 1,0.

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