Orthotropic Material

36 If the material possesses three mutually perpendicular planes of elastic symmetry, (that is symmetric with respect to two planes x2 and X3), then the transformation Xi = aj Xj is defined through

where the negative sign reflects the symmetry of the mirror image with respect to the x3 plane. Upon substitution in Eq.7.33 we now would have

C1111 CU22 CH33 0 0 0

C2222 C2233 0 0 0

C3333 0 0 0

C1212 0 0

SYM. C2323 0


cij km

We note that in here all terms of cijkl with the indices 3 and 2 occuring an odd number of times are again set to zero.

37 Wood is usually considered an orthotropic material and will have 9 nonzero coefficients.

0 0

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