Tensors order

1MT 1MT-2

Cauchy's deformation tensor N.D.

Green's deformation tensor; metric tensor, right Cauchy-Green deformation tensor Rate of deformation tensor; Stretching tensor Lagrangian (or Green's) finite strain tensor Eulerian (or Almansi) finite strain tensor Strain deviator

Material deformation gradient Spatial deformation gradient Idendity matrix Material displacement gradient Thermal conductivity Spatial displacement gradient Spatial gradient of the velocity Orthogonal rotation tensor

First Piola-Kirchoff stress tensor, Lagrangian Stress Tensor Second Piola-Kirchoff stress tensor Right stretch tensor Left stretch tensor

Spin tensor, vorticity tensor. Linear lagrangian rotation tensor Initial strain vector Conductivity Curvature

Cauchy stress tensor Deviatoric stress tensor Linear Eulerian rotation tensor Linear Eulerian rotation vector


Pa Pa

Pa Pa

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