The coefficient applied to the stiffness of each section is obtained as: coef = —

7.4.2 Long-term deflections Assumed Load History

The load history influences the value of the deflections. In this study a realistic load history has been taken into account. A typical load history for buildings could be:

• Application of self weight at 10 days

• Application of the remaining dead load at 60 days

• Application of quasi-permanent load at 365 days. Deflections due to creep

Complex Loading History The interpretation of prEN 1992-1 regarding deflections due to creep is not clear when the load-history is complex.

As described in paragraph, the assumed load history involves 3 dates for the application of the loads:

• Application of self weight of the structure, gi at time ti

• Application of remaining dead load g2 at time t2

• Application of quasi-permanent live load ^029 at t3

prEN 1992-1 proposes to take into account the creep of concrete by using an effective modulus for concrete:

0 0

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