Figure A2-2. Example of interaction curves. fck = 40, co = 0,2, çef =2. general method

- stiffness method, expressions (5.22)-(5.24)

curvature method, expressions (5.31)-(5,36) (upper curve, Ky = 1)

--------- curvature method, expressions (5.31)-(5.37) (lower curve, according to (5.43))*

^ For Ä = 105 and 140, (5.43) gi\>es K0 = 1, therefore there is only one curve in these cases.


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6.1 Bending with or without axial force

SECTION 6 ULTIMATE LIMIT STATES (ULS) C6.1 Bending with or without axial force

6.1.1 Determining the compression resultant and its position compared to the edge of maximum deformation in case of rectangular section

Two cases should be distinguished:

f) virtual neutral axis (x > h) - Real neutral axis a1) Diagram parabola - exponential - rectangle

The resultant C of the block of compressive forces related to a rectangle of width b and depth x is expressed by

C = pi ■ fcd ■ b ■ x and its position, measured starting from the edge where the strain is £cu2, is defined by p2 x. The formulae of pi and p2 , in function of strain £c , are:

The numeric values of pi and p2 are shown in function of fck in Table 6.1 . In all tables limit the number of decimals to 3 maximum e.g. 0,80952 = 0,810 etc.

Table 6.1. Values of fa and fa

fck (N/mm2)

up to 50

0 0

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