3.1.3 Elastic deformation

C3.1.3 Elastic deformation

Clause [3.1.3-EC2] deals with the elastic deformation represented by the values of the modulus of elasticity Ecm . Note that the numerical values in Table [3.1-EC2] and here given in Fig 3.1 are referred to concrete produced with siliceous aggregate, at 28 days of curing. These values should be reduced, for concrete with limestone and sandstone aggregates, respectively by 10% and by 30%. For basaltic aggregates they should be increased by 10%.

The development of the E-modulus with time is deduced from the one of fcm (Table 3.1) with formula [(3.5)-EC2]. Table 3.2 shows the development of Ecm up to 360 days as a ratio of Ecm at 28 days.

t (days)

Class R

Class N

Class S

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