Figure A2-1. Example of interaction curves.— 40, (O — 0,2, <pef ~ O. general method

- stiffness method, expressions (5.22)-(5.24)

— stiffness method, expression (5.26)

--------- curvature method, expressions (5.31)-(5,37)

In figure A2-1 there is no effect of creep (yef = 0). Figure A2-2 shows the corresponding curves for yef = 2 (a comparatively high value). Two sets of curves are given for the curvature method. The upper curves are based on Kp = 1, corresponding to the method in ENV 1992-1- 1,, where there is no effect of creep. The lower curves are based on K9 according to expression (5.37).

Without effect of creep (= ENV), the curvature method is consistently unsafe for low and moderate slenderness. This can be seen also in the third column of diagrams in table A2-1.

With K9 according to expression (5.37), creep is well taken into account.

0.1 s 0,16 0,140,12 0,10,080.06 0,04 0,020-


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