Figure 11.6. Verification of Eq. 11.16 for the punching shear capacity of slabs with test results modification

Effective lateral stress, a2/fc= a3/l'c

Figure 11.7. Efficiency of a confining reinforcement in different concretes according to MC'90, fib Bulletin 8 and CEB

Bulletin 228

1000 1200 1400 1600 1600 2000 2200 2400 Oven-dry density, p (kg/m3) Fig. 11.8. Local compression in LWAC according to Walraven et al. [31]

Deflection of slabs

Since the E-modulus for LWAC is smaller than for NWAC this will influence the acceptable limits for l/d. This can be calculated as follows:

The deflection of a slab, spanning one way, and subjected to a uniformly distributed load is (assuming the cracked state)

5 ql4 384 (EI)r with Mmax = 1/8 ql2 this can be written as:

it is found that g_-i

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