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In Table 3.4 the values for £c2u follow from Eq. (6-9)

The values for £02 and n are obtained by curve fitting to the relations shown in Fig. 3.7. An approximate expression for £02 is:

£c2 (%) = 2.0 + 0.085 (fck - 50)0,53 and for n: n = 2.0

for fck ^ 50 Mpa for fck > 50 Mpa for fck ^ 50 Mpa for fck > 50 MPa

The resulting design curves are shown in Fig. 3.10.

A second possibility is the use of a bilinear design stress-strain relation (Fig. 3.10).

The values £c3 and £c3u are obtained by curve fitting to the relations shown in Fig. 3.7, and are given in

Table 3.5.

Table 3.5. Parameters for the bilinear design stress-strain relation in compression
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