Figure 6.43. Approximate values for eccentricity factor (¬°in new draft

Complementary to this simplified approach the more accurate method, given in MC'90 has been adopted in prENV 1992-1-1:2001. This method takes the effect of an unbalanced moment into account with the formulation:

where W1 is a function of the control perimeter u1: W = J^le^

The property W1 corresponds to a type of "plastic" distribution of the shear stresses as illustrated in

Fig. 6.44. An analysis by Mast [34,35] on the basis of an elastic analysis of the distribution of shear stresses in a slab in the vicinity of a column showed that those stresses approach the distribution shown in Fig. 6.45 quite well. For a rectangular column W1 follows from

Figure 6.44. Shear distribution due to an unbalanced moment at a slab internal column connection

K is a factor taking into consideration that a bending moment in the slab, is only sustained by bending in the column but also by bending and torsion in the slab itself. K follows from the table below


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