Section Basis Of Design Section Basis Of Design

C2.1 Requirements

Eurccode 2, Section 2, Part 1.1 states that corcrete structures should be designed in accordance with the general rules of EN1990 anc with actions defined in EN 1991. EN 1992 has some addnonal requirements.

In particular. the basic requirements nf FN 1990 .Section 2 are deemed to he satisfied for fill concrete stiuctures if limit state design s carried out with the partial factor method in accordance with EN 1990. and If actions are defined In accordance with EN 1991. and If combinations of actions In accordance with EN1990, and finally If resistance, durability and serviceability are dealt with in accordance with EN 1992

Clause 2.1 of the EN 1992-1-1

Comment on Clause 2.1 of EN 1992-1-1

Comment on Clause 5.8.3 of EN 1992-1-1

5.S.3 Simplified criteria for second order effects 5.S.3.1 Slenderness criterion for isolated members

C5.8.3. Simplified criteria for ignoring 2nd order effects without "C": first paragraph of the comment on clause

C5.8.3.1 Slenderness limit for isolated members y General

/ The load bearing capacity of a member In compression for low slenderness ratios Is Illustrated In ยป figure 3-1 by means of interaction curves, calculated according to the general method in 5.8.6.

(See chapter 6 In this report for more details about interaction curves and the general method.)

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