Figure 5.4. Parameters to determine effective flange width [fig. 5.3 - EC2] Effective span of beams and slabs in buildings

C5.3.2.2 Effective span of beams and slabs in buildings

This paragraph defines the effective span length mainly for member analysis, taking into account the different types of support. Two important points must be noted:

- Where a beam or slab is monolithic with its supports, the critical design moment at the support may be taken as that at the face of the support. That moment should not be less than 65% that of the full fixed end moment.

- The design moment and reaction transferred to the supporting element should be taken as the greater of the elastic or redistributed values.

- Regardless of the method of analysis used, where a beam or slab is continuous over a support which may be considered to provide no restraint to rotation, the design support moment, calculated on the basis of a span equal to the centre-to-centre distance between supports, may be reduced by:

where Fed,sup is the design support reaction t is the breadth of the support. This formula derives by assuming an uniform distribution of the design support reaction Fed,sup over the breadth of the support t t _ FEd,sup 't

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