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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Industry wide, officially recognized guide to land and offshore oil rig employment. The information and services have helped many people get a job on an offshore oil rig. Here is a small selection of what you will learn: Key points that land and offshore rig bosses love to read in the Resume / CV. This really catches the attention of bosses because you appear to be someone that knows what you are talking about or you learn real fast. Either way is good. This industry is different. You need to talk the talk. How to make your Resume / CV powerful for the Oil Industry. Do not waste your time sending the same Resume / CV to the oil companies that you send to other companies. Our forms are short but sweet for a reason. How to use your Cover Letter. Too many people rush this, it is vitally important. We show you how. Key points that land and offshore rig bosses love to read in the Cover Letter. How to push your name to the top. Like everything in life, this is easy when you know how.

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How To Get A Job On The Rigs

In this ebook you'll learn: Exactly what the oil rig jobs myth really is. This knowledge alone, should you choose to believe it, will put you ahead of all the people you have ever heard say I tried to get a job on the rigs and its almost impossible A little known fact that will expand your options. I am continually suprised about how many people dont realise this option is available to them. How to put yourself ahead of the pack. Including a detailed explanation of the following 5 points. Job training requirements and possible courses you could do. Previous experience that you could use to your advantage. An Insiders tip that will give you an advantage that no other applicants would think to do. When is the best time to apply. And where to look to find entry level jobs. What to expect. Including everything from your first day, to sleeping patterns, to how to position yourself for promotion and even an overview of the rig process. Other areas of opportunity that you may not have been aware of and where to look for them. Women on the rigs. And last but not least the #1 place for opportunity in the industry today!

How To Get A Job On The Rigs Summary

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