- "'5 " ¿<0) , ¿33 5 Ai öai AIA2 öa2 2

After elementary transformations, we get

A3 3a3'

"A2 da2

d dw

3 A2da2\R, R2jAlda2.

The solution of the resultant equation is given by 20.15 and 20.16. If the faces are covered with electrodes, we will have simple edge effect equations 21.1 combined with (for the edge a 1 = Qio)

After transformations, we get 21.3 to which we should add the equations

h2nn d

e 1 d R2 S44A2 da2Ax

1 a2w

At the edge a2 = «20 of a shell without electrodes on the faces. The zeroth approximation equations for simple boundary effect will be written as

A1 da2 A2da2

A1 da 1 A2 da2


0 0

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