[MU [CU [KU [MUg [Qp F [Qp [GP [Cp [Kp F p[QTU Ug F p[QTU

where[M], [C] and [K] are mass, damping and stiffness matrices of the structure and [G], [C0] and [K0]are matrices representing mass, damping and stiffness of the reservoir, respectively. Detailed definitions of the[G],[C0] and [K0] matrices and vector {F}, are presented in the previous sections. [Q] is the coupling matrix; {/,} is the vector of body force and hydrostatic force; and {p} and {U} are the vectors of hydrodynamic pressures and displacements. {Ug} is the ground acceleration and p is the density of the fluid. The dot represents the time derivative.

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