[MU ii [CUii [KU ii Fiii [Qpii

[G]{pW + [C0]{p}i+i + [K0]{p}i+i = {F2}i+i - p[Q]T{U}i+i (4.8)

The coupled field equations 4.7 and 4.8 can be solved using the staggered solution scheme. The procedure can be started by guessing {P}i+i in equation 4.7 to solve for {U}i+1 and its derivatives. Then equation 4.8 can be solved to find {P}i+1. This method can not guarantee the unconditional stability of the solution. Similarly, guessing{U}i+1 at first to calculate {P}i+1 from equation 4.8 and then calculating {U}i+1from equation 4.7 can not provide unconditionally stable procedure.

In the following sections, two methods of staggered solution are proposed which are shown to be unconditionally stable.

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