USING aMethod For The Coupled Equations

In this method, {U}i+1, {U}i+1, {P}i+1 and {p}i+1 can be written same as Newmark-ß method. The governing field equations at time i + 1 can be written as follows:

[M]{U}t+1 + [C ]{U }i+1 + (1 + a)[K ]{U }i+1 = {F1U1 + [Q]{p}m + a[K]{U}

[G]{p}i+1 + [C 0]{p}i+1 + (1+a)[K0 ]{p}i+1 = {F2}i+1 —p[Q]T {U }i+1 +a[K 0]{p}

where a is the integration parameter which is introduced in the coupled field equation. The coupled field equations 4.35 and 4.36 can be solved using the staggered displacement solution scheme.

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