Implementation of EC in Member States

The clauses of Eurocodes are divided into two types, namely Principles, hich are andatory, and Application Rules, hich are acceptable procedures to demonstrate compliance with the Principles. However, unless explicitly specified in the Eurocode, the use of alternative pplication Rules to those given does not allow the design to be made in conformity ith the code. lso, in a given Member State, the basic Eurocode text is accompanied for each of its parts by a National Annex specifying the values of certain parameters (Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs)) to be used in this country, as ell as the choice of ethods hen the urocode part allows such a choice. NDPs are ones that relate to the levels of safety to be achieved, and include for example partial factors for material properties.

In the absence of a National Annex, the recommended values given in the relevant Eurocode can be adopted for a specific project, unless the project documentation specifies otherwise.

For the structures and in the zones concerned, the application of EC 8 involves that of other Eurocodes. EC 8 only brings additional rules to those given in other Eurocodes, to hich it refers. uides or handbooks can also supplement EC 8 as application documents for certain types of structural elements.

o allo the application of E8 in a given territory, it is necessary to have a seismic zoning map and associated data defining peak ground accelerations and spectral shapes. his set of data, hich constitutes an essential basis for analysis, can be directly introduced into the National Annex. However, in certain countries, seismic design codes are regulated by statute and, where this applies, zoning aps and associated data are defined separately by the national authorities.

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