A behaviour factor of 4 is adopted assuming ductility class medium (DCM). Ehe total design base shear for the whole structure is therefore estimated as 8372 kN. Ehe design base shear per frame is therefore considered as 558 kN.

Ehe moment frame located on GL 2 is selected for illustration in this example. Although the structure is symmetric in plan, an account should be ade for torsional effects resulting fro the accidental eccentricity. sing the simplified approach suggested in Cl. of EC8, the design base shear for this frame is increased by a factor of about 1.26 to approximately 703 kN.

According to Cl. of EC8, the design base shear should be applied in the for of equivalent lateral loads at the floor levels. hese loads are obtained by distributing the base shear in proportion to the fundamental

Table 6.4 Floor seismic loads (GL 2 frame)


Seismic force (kN)

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