(a) The problem

150 kN line load

(b) Space diagram

With W^

Without WL


(c) Culmann line diagram Fig. 6.18 Example 6.6.

Note If the design had been in accordance with CP2 then the depth of the tension cracks, he should have been evaluated from the formula he tan ^45° +1

This value should be used in place of 1.52 m for hc.

Analytical solutions with the Coulomb theory are possible but complicated. Kerisel and Absi (1990) published values of the horizontal components of Ka and Kp for a range of values of cf>, (3, 6 and ip to ease calculation. In this section we are concerned with the horizontal component of Ka (i.e. Ka cos <*)) only. The active pressure acting normally to the wall at a depth h can be defined:

Pah = Ka7h - cKac where c = Operating value of cohesion

Table 6.1 Values of Ka and Kac for ß = 0, <5 = 0.
0 0

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