Details of the subsoil conditions at a site are shown in Fig. 4.4 together with details of the soil properties. The ground surface is subjected to a uniform loading of 60kN/m2 and the ground water level is 1.2 m below the upper surface of the silt. It can be assumed that the gravel has a degree of saturation of 50 per cent and that the silt layer is fully saturated.

Determine the vertical effective stress acting at a point 1 m above the silt/ rock interface.


° • V » * Î Gc = 2.65 » Gravel ® ° ° • s . „ . » o ° s - o * e = 0.650


Effective vertical stress at 1 m above silt/rock interface

- [Water pressure]

Uniform pressure applied at ground surface

Total pressure due to weight of soils

0 0

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