A 2.5 kg rammer compaction test was carried out in a 105 mm diameter mould of volume 1000 cm3 and a mass of 1125 g. Test results were:

Moisture content (per cent) 10.0 11.0 12.0 13.0 14.0

Mass of wet soil and mould (g) 3168 3300 3334 3350 3320

Plot the curve of dry density against moisture content and determine the test value for pjiiias and omc.

On your diagram plot the zero and 5 per cent air voids lines (take Gs as 2.65). If the percentage of gravel omitted from the test (particle specific gravity = 2.73) was 10 per cent, determine more correct values for pdm„ and the omc.

Answer From test: pa^ = 1.97Mg/m3; omc= 12 per cent

Corrected values: pdm„ — 2.03 Mg/m3; omc = 11 per cent

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