An Isochron Diagram Pore Pressure And Depth Chart

Owing to the drainage at the top and bottom of the layer the value of u; will immediately fall to zero at these points. With the mathematical solution it is possible to determine u at time t for any point within the layer. If these values of pore pressures are plotted, a curve (known as an isochrone) can be drawn through the points (Fig. 10.3b). The maximum excess pore pressure is seen to be at the centre of the layer and, for any point, the applied pressure

Fig. 10.3 Variation of excess pore pressure with depth and time.

increment, Acti = u + Aa\. After a considerable time u will become equal to zero and A<ti will equal

The plot of isochrones for different time intervals is shown in Fig. 10.3c. For a particular point the degree of consolidation, Uz, will be equal to

The mathematical expression for Uz is:

+11 -1


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