(b) Selection of rectangles

Fig. 4.16 Exercise 4.3. EXERCISE 4.3

The plan of a foundation is given in Fig. 4.16a. The uniform pressure on the soil is 40kN/m2. Determine the vertical stress increment due to the foundation at a depth of 5 m below the point X, using Fig. 4.6.

Note In order to obtain a set of rectangles whose corners meet at a point, a section of the foundation area is sometimes included twice and a correction made. For this particular problem the foundation area must be divided into six rectangles (Fig. 4.16b); the effect of the shaded portion will be included twice and must therefore be subtracted once.

Answer 11.2kN/m2 EXERCISE 4.4

Solve Exercise 4.3 using the Newmark chart in Fig. 4.8. EXERCISE 4.5

With the use of Figs 4.12a and 4.12b, determine an approximate value for the shear stress at a depth of 1.52 m below the centre of a rectangular foundation (B = 1.52m, L = 6.1 m) uniformly loaded with a pressure of 161 kN/m2.

Answer 45 kN/m2

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