The effect of the inclined loading is to reduce the safe bearing capacity by almost 45 per cent.

8.8 Non-homogeneous soil conditions

The bearing capacity Equations (6)—(10) are based on the assumption that the foundation soil is homogeneous and isotropic.

In the case of variable soil conditions the analysis of bearing capacity can be carried out using some form of slip circle method, as described earlier in this chapter. This procedure can take time and designs based on one of bearing capacity formulae are consequently quite often used.

For the case of a foundation resting on thin layers of soil, of thicknesses Hi,H2,H3,...Hn and of total depth H, Bowles (1982) suggests that these layers can be treated as one layer with an average c value, cav and an average 0 value 0av where

H[ tan + H2 tan 02 + H3 tan ¿>3 H-----(- Hn tan 0n

0 0

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