Plasticity Chart For Soil Mechanics

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SILT (M-SOIL), M, plots below A-line m and C may be combined as FINE SOIL, F. CLAY, C, plots above A-line I

SILT (M-SOIL), M, plots below A-line m and C may be combined as FINE SOIL, F. CLAY, C, plots above A-line I

Plasticity Chart Components
Liquid limit (percent) Fig. 1.7 Plasticity chart for the BSCS (after BS5930: 1981).

The main soil types are designated by capital letters:

G Gravel M Silt, M-soil

S Sand C Clay

F Fine soil, Fines Pt Peat

The classification 'F' is intended for use when there is difficulty in determining whether a soil is a silt or a clay.

Originally all soils that plotted below the A-line of the plasticity charts were classified as silts. The term 'M-soil' has been introduced to classify soils that plot below the A-line but have particle size distributions not wholly in the range of silt sizes.

Behind the letter designating the main soil type additional letters are added to further describe the soil and to denote its grading and plasticity. These letters are:

W Well graded L Low plasticity (wL<35%) P Poorly graded I Intermediate (35<wL<70) Pu Uniform H High plasticity (50 < wL < 70)

O Organic E Extremely high (wL>90%)

The letter O is applied at the end of the group symbol for a soil, no matter what type, if the soil has a significant amount of organic matter within it. Examples of the use of the symbols are set out below.

Soil description

Group symbol

Well graded silty SAND

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